Ryan Gill (montieth) wrote,
Ryan Gill

Just give up your car, it's not worth it...

Often times you hear the opponents of liberal (read as permissive) self defense laws state that a given object, you car, household goods, your wallet, etc are not worth giving your life up for. Other examples are that it's not worth the life of the perpetrator for those material items. This logic is usually arrayed against concealed carry permits or other self defense related laws (stand your ground, where you can carry, how you can carry, etc) as a rationale against violent response to a criminal who confronts you. What it ignores is that a demand for your wallet or your car or something else may be just a doorway to a more serious crime.

Take this instance, Channon Christian, 21, and Christopher Newsom, 23, were last seen on a date Jan. 6. The couple, who both lived with their parents, were on their way to a friend's house to watch movies but never arrived. They were "carjacked" by a foursome who kidnapped them sodomized/raped Christopher, castrated him and then murdered him. They kept Channon for several more days while they raped her, poured cleanser in her mouth to remove DNA evidence and then murdered her. Her body was found dismembered in several garbage bags by police.

Just giving up is not an option with monsters like the four that are charged with these crimes. Just handing over your car is not an option. When someone threatens you with force to make you comply with their illegal demands you fight. Because not fighting and giving up can mean far worse treatment at the hands of the barbarians.
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