Ryan Gill (montieth) wrote,
Ryan Gill


Shamus, a cat given to me by my sister after our mother died was taken by a Coyote saturday night/sunday morning. Taken as in killed and partially eaten in the front yard. I found his mangled corpse when I was about to head to the hospital to visit a friend.

He was alway an outdoor cat, he liked to come inside but didn't believe in litter boxes. This made things difficult. He had a good long run. Almost 20 years old. Christine acquired him when she was in college at Oxford I guess.

Fare well dear friend. I'm going to miss his warm and cold nature. Cold was leave me alone. Warm was a cat who could cuddle, curl up on your lap or beg for time with you on the bed. If he was inside and there was a fresh pile of laundry on the bed, he was on it in a flash.


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