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Armored Facilities Manager

(public ramblings of an articifer)

Ryan Gill
Collector of Vintage British military kit, weapons (Mostly Enfields), 3 Armoured Cars, Data Center facilities manager, CNN veteran, WWII Re-enactor and low key goth.

Yes, that's Armoured Cars, three of them. All made by companies that no longer exist, even in name. Daimler (not that Daimler, the other one) and Humber. Oh, there's a big 7 ton 10 wheel drive (6x6) truck too, how could I forget that?

I read... a lot. I sit in cafes and drink coffee, tea, juice and the occasional darker beer. I like scotch but rarely partake of it and I will not drink anything made from potatoes. I work on my house, a small brick place I inherited from my mom. I dabble in wood working, metal work, electronics, and gardening. I also volunteer at a local rail road museum as a cheap hobby.

My taste in art runs towards Klimpt and Mucha, my taste in music runs towards things sung by women (not always) usually early and folk, but also more gothy music like QNTAL and Dead Can Dance.

I'm very outspoken but try to be polite about it.